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Family Lawyers committed to the resolution of family disputes


Promoting a non-confrontational approach to family problems


Berkshire West Collaborative Family Group - Family Lawyers promoting a non-confrontational approach


To the Berkshire West Collaborative Family Law Group, covering West Berkshire and the surrounding area.


We are a group of family solicitors practicing in and around West Berkshire, trained by Resolution as Collaborative Family Lawyers.


This site is aimed at providing initial information about Collaborative Family Law and to help you access solicitors in this area who can offer this service.  



About Resolution


Resolution’s 5500 members are family lawyers committed to the constructive resolution of family disputes. Members follow a code of practice promoting a non confrontational approach to family problems. Members encourage solutions that consider the needs of the whole family - and in particular the needs of the children

Creative solutions for the family

To think creatively and craft your own individualised solutions to your issues instead of the restricted range of outcomes available in the divorce court system.


To keep control of decisions about restructuring financial and child rearing arrangements in your hands and not those of a Judge.


To take control over what happens, how fast it happens, who is involved and ensures that those who are, including their solicitors, work only towards a mutually satisfactory settlement.

Collaborative Family Law is a new and successful approach for divorcing or separating couples or civil partners. Enabling them to resolve disputes respectfully and in a dignified manner for all concerned.


In this collaborative process, the family lawyers and their clients agree, in writing, to reach settlement without involving the courts. Agreeing to work together, resolving family and financial issues that arise from the separation.


Rather than a win-lose court setting the collaborative team ensures both parties work with and not against each other. Helping couples focus on their most important goals this way, means the end result is a more efficient, targeted and productive way to resolve disputes.


September Offer

Find out more about positive outcomes by contacting local family collaborative lawyers, many of whom are participating in a scheme which offers people free 30 minute sessions for a period of two weeks from 17 September 2012.


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